Fantasy Madness

Welcome to Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath!

In this roguelike action-survival game set in a wildpunk World of Fantasy, your goal is to stand against evil forces who want to destroy the natural order.
Collect magical crystals to earn new powers allowing you to summon fierce allies, deadly weapons and digest enchanted mushrooms.

Bring retribution using wide arsenal of arcane powers granted by beloved Mother Nature:
– Magical staves for more firepower? Checked!
– Bloodthirsty butterflies offering health transfer? Checked!
– Blast-bringing squirrel squad? Ready to serve!
– Deadly vines and roots to stop charging enemies? Of course!
– Hellish squealing hog for light-speed mobility? On it’s way!
– Sweet little carnivore bunnies to rip off throats? As you wish!

Ready to smash down Orcs from the clan of Aluminum Helmets and other cunning foes of Mother Nature? Then go and bring them Bloodbath!!!

Now let’s point out a couple of features:
– Prove you can resist for 20 minutes against hordes of enemies,
– Pick up to 8 skills out of dozen of randomly available unique powers,
– Dark Humor,
– A wildpunk theme (fantasy with an “unconventional” twist),
– Hand-drawn arts,
– Fast action that requires a little bit of reflexes and dexterity.

Future content?:
– Several new champions with new skills offering unique gameplay experience,
– New enemies and biomes,
– New game modes including Secure Area and Capture the Mushroom!,
– Funny story? Why not!