On the victorious throne… there can be only one…


Answer the WarCall! Face hundreds of daredevils like you in a Battle Royale mayhem! Fight, adapt, survive! Quench your thirst for gold and glory! Become master of arms!


Choose a champion who fits your playstyle and stand against a hundred of opponents. Escape the infernal Thorns of Death and be the last one on the battlefield to earn victory. Collect gold, gemstones and runes to upgrade equipment and fight again.


– Battle Royale matches against plenty of participants

– 10 unique playable champions

– Complex upgrade system with wide variety of options

– Sophisticated dark-fantasy theme


Other Games

Hello stranger! Would you mind if I tell you a story of Octagor – a mysterious polygon creature? 


Ages ago, Octagor has been imprisoned in a dark maze build by an unknown ancient being. Some say it was C’thulhu himself. Others state it was Baba Yaga. And some think it’s created by aliens. Which is true? Hard to say. And who or what Octagor actually is? Maybe an enchanted prince? Nevertheless, it needs your help to escape the Maze.  


Welcome to Octagor – a physics-based game in a platform world full of challenging obstacles and puzzles. 


Your goal is to find a way out of insidious chambers of the Maze. Collect Orbs of Opening and then reach an exit vortex. 

How to do it? By jumping. 


Octagor is only able to jump. Click and hold Left Mouse Button to indicate angle and power of jump and then release to jump. If you need to cancel your attempt, just click with Right Mouse Button.


Play ... ...


Do you poke, do you stay, roll the snow all the way!
Eat the orbs, grow your mass, slide and bump and play with class.


Brace yourself, don’t be afraid, sprint and jump and roll ahead.
But watch your gauge, there limits are, roll and roll, quick and far.


When you are small, play safe and swift, when seeing bully just dodge and drift.
Once you get larger, charge with grace, strike with soft and cold embrace.


Claim rewards, spend some coins, for winter headgears for girls and boys,
With snowy outfit be fancy ball, unlock the skins, collect them all!


Be the best, beat the score, make it higher, more and more!


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Have you ever heard about Loch Ness Monster? Or Kraken maybe. Do you know something about Atlantis? What if we tell you, there is grain of truth about these legends?


Dive into Forgotten Sea – realm of mythical underwater dragons, defenders of ancient secrets! Lead a Sea Dragon to become new champion of Aquatic Gods and fulfil their new tasks.


Eat orbs and fish to get larger and longer. Rival with other dragons and complete quests to get pearls and gold. Spend your treasures to gain new cards and level up your dragon or unlock new ones!


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient depths. The unique underwater setting of SeaDragons.io will let you sooth your mind while fulfilling quests. Fun and relaxation at the same time.


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Merge and upgrade your Gladiators!


Have you ever wanted to be a fighter? Have you ever wanted to be a trainer? Now you can be each one of them!


Manage your fighters and develop your arena to become the greatest Emperor in the history!


Start your training today!


... ...

Chomp, chomp, chomp… Chomp??… CHOMPERS!!!


Chompers are little creatures who quench for sweets. They are always hungry and never get bored. You will love them same as they love bananas (and cookies too!).

Help your Chomper to become the biggest one by eating treats, hunting bugs and fighting others. But remember – the bigger you are, the lower is your speed.


Collect Funny Coins and Gems to get Chests of Surprise. Every chest contains wonderful items you can wear on your Chomper to give it fantastic and unique look. Let others admire your awesomeness! There are plenty of chompers and items to unlock, giving over 24 million of customization options.


Oh, just one more thing – be quick and avoid being hit. One hit and you start the fun again.




MiniGiants is the new IO action battle arena deathmatch game. The world of tiny warriors mighty mages and giant beasts. Fight hordes of opponents in the free for all, never stopping matches!


Slain enemies, collect magic chests, gold, and mighty magic items to become the undefeted king of the arena!


– Free for all deathmatch IO game
– Several absolutely unique characters
– Inventory system
– Unique, Epic, and Legendary items
– Never ending fun!


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Are you ready to face hordes of enemies? Awesome! You have tons of weapons to choose to do so. Don’t be shy – be quick! Don’t be afraid – be crazy!


Your average lifetime is just 60 seconds? I gotta tell you, you’re good at it! This is a crazy world of the bloody battle arena where you fight fast, die fast, evolve fast and kill fas… well that depends on your gear so don’t waste our time and get some gold!


Jump into the BrutalMania IO fighting arena game and kill for gold and glory!


Do not hesitate, do not think too much, just get crazy and fight! You kill or you die, and when you die, be happy. Be happy because it’s the time where you upgrade your weapon and character evolution. Done upgrading? Awesome, now go and get crazy!!!


Play ... ...


Can you unlock all 25 evolutions before getting killed?


You start as a small and quick fighter with bludgeon, your aim is to stay alive and kill other oponents. Collect enough points to evolve into a bigger warrior.


Beware! On your way to collect all evolutions you will become slower so watch out for smaller warriors who attack from every angle because one clean hit is enough for your game to be over!


Hours of great fun playing EvoWars will test your concentration, what really matters here is your reflex. Half a second late hit from your side makes all the difference on this deathmatch arena!


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